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Diana Dors
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I think Run For Doom is Alfred Hitchcock at his best because you see the full-scale of what he wanted to give his audience. A suspense/thriller involving people who were not saints or angels and not devils either, but real people who tend to be somewhere in between. With clever writing and a lot of humor and the female lead being a goddess. A gorgeous sexy women who is also very adorable and yet very clever and witty. Which is Diane Dors at her best, Jayne Mansfield who was also on this series and several other women who appeared on this series.

Run For Doom is about a nightclub singer with a bad history of marriages and relationships where the men in her life do not survive the relationship. And she walks away with a lot of money from the experiences. Diana Dors plays Nikki Carroll the nightclub singer and she’s performing one night and is introduced to a young doctor. Dr. Don Reed played by John Gavin and they naturally hit it off. Reed being a doctor is probably Nikki’s main interest him, but he’s a young doctor who doesn’t have a lot of money yet.

Dr. Reed has an ailing very wealthy father and his relationship with Nikki goes well enough for him to want to marry Nikki. Reed has gotten several warnings about Nikki’s history with men and her dead husbands and is warned not to pursue her. But I guess he’s blinded by his love for a women who doesn’t love him and decided to propose and marry her anyway. Reed’s father dies after finding out that his son is going to marry Nikki and now Reed is a very wealthy man. And naturally Nikki looses personal interest in Reed and looks to get out of the marriage.

Nikki has something that she can blackmail her husband on. Dr. Reed accidentally killed someone on their honeymoon by pushing a man over the cruise boat that they were on. And they didn’t bother to report the incident. Nikki tells the doctor to give her his money or she’ll report the killing to the police. Nikki also has a long-term on and off again boyfriend who wants her back. And knows what she is up to with her husband and decides to step in to get a piece of the action. And they have a physical struggle that leads to him strangling her and thinking he killed her.

To be honest with you, Diana Dors was the main reason why I’m so interested in this show. But it is a very entertaining and at times a pretty funny show as well. With Diana playing a women that is so cunning personally and bright and yet she looks too sweet and cute to hurt, let alone kill anyone. And yet she has a history of dead boyfriends and husbands. But in this marriage she is the one who doesn’t survive the affair.


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Source: YouTube Movies: Rounder 1998- Trailer

The 15th anniversary of my favorite cards movie Rounders.

If you’re a true poker fan and have been a fan of it for a long time, or most of your life, or you just started getting into like ten years ago, or so when celebrities got into and it became cool, Rounders is a great movie for you. This movie came out in 1998 about five years before Hollywood made a cool thing to follow and be part of. When ESPN started putting so many poker tournaments on. (Even though poker is not an athletic sport) Not saying that Rounders is the cause for the celebrity exposure of poker and other card games in America, but it came out right before that fad.

Rounders is about two young borderline professional poker players who the only money they’ve ever  made at this point is playing poker. Mike McDermott (played by Matt Damon) is a recovering compulsive gambler who lost all of his money a few years back. And is now driving a truck trying to pay back his debts and get through law school. Worm (played by Ed Norton) is a compulsive gambler and an ex-con who just got out of prison, small-time white-collar criminal. Who owes a lot of money to a loan shark (played by Michael Imperioli) and needs to win a lot of that money back quickly. And goes to his long time buddy Mike to help him win it back.

Rounders is a great movie about how very smart, street smart people who read people very well and can tell the real people from the fakers and people trying to be someone else who have something to hide. Poker is not just about having good cards, but knowing what your opponent has as well by being able to read them so you know when to play and when to hold. Because you know when your opponents cards aren’t as good as yours. And Rounders shows you how good poker players are successful and why the wannabes leave games owing more money that they started with. It is also a movie with a lot of sarcasm and quick-witted humor. Ed Norton and John Malkovich are very funny in it. And it is one of my favorite movies.

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Political Animals

Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Press: Associated Press: USA Elects Sigourney Weaver to Political Show

I saw the premier of the new USA mini series Political Animals last Sunday night and I liked the show. Much different from NBC’s The West Wing, with a lot more humor. The West Wing was also a funny show, but Political Animals to me looks like a political satire. Not completely based, but definitely inspired by real-life political stories. Except for Elaine Barish played by the still gorgeous, sexy and funny Sigourney Weaver. Being divorced from the former President of the United States. Her relationship with her ex-husband, looks a hell of a lot like the relationship between Bill and Hillary Clinton, a couple who obviously loves politics and is deeply involved in politics. This looks like 2008 all over again with the Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton Democratic presidential race, where of course then Senator Obama not only wins the Democratic nomination but is elected President.

And then Senator Hillary Clinton who loses the Democratic nomination, but comes out of it strong and is able to form a good relationship with President Elect Obama in late 2008 and early 2009. And is nominated by President Obama to be his Secretary of State and obviously gets confirmed by the Senate. I haven’t figured out if Elaine Barish was in Congress at all, either House or Senate, but she goes from being a former presidential candidate who loses the nomination to her opponent who is elected President in the same year and then nominates his former opponent in the Democratic race, to be his Secretary of State. This looks like the third installment of the Bill and Hillary Show, the real-life Bill and Hillary Show, the Primary Colors version of the Bill and Hillary Show.

And of course the latest installment of the Bill and Hillary Show with Hillary as Secretary of State and we get to see how Bill and Hillary interact with her as Secretary of State. But instead of Bill making Hillary’s career all about him, plays more of a counselor to Hillary and tries to steer her on the right course. There are some added new twists to the Bill and Hillary Show. With how they interact with their kids and struggles that their kids are going through as well, as well as Hillary’s relationship with the media. This looks like a very funny and entertaining show, with the new Bill Clinton doing an excellent job of playing a horny bastard who not only cheats on his wife, but mistress’s as well, similar to Bill, but the new Bill is not as Yankee as Bill. More of a redneck, but someone whose also highly intelligent and knows and how to play the game of politics and someone whose been very successful at it.

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