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Source: NBC News“John Kennedy, was perfect for NBC’s Meet The Press, because he was so quick. The people there liked him and knew that he could not only a…”

Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat

John Kennedy, was perfect for NBC’s Meet The Press, because he was so quick. The people there liked him and knew that he could not only answer their questions, but wanted to do it and answer them with depth. Very similar to Bill Clinton or Barack Obama, he was very quick off the cuff and could answer questions with humor. Meet The Press liked interviewing him, because he was likable, popular, well-known and very funny. The 1950s was a fascinating time and JFK was in Congress the whole time as the country was dealing with the Cold War, post World War II economic boom, the early days of the civil rights movement and even American women starting to make important impacts out of the home in the American economy. Meet The Press had female anchors and questioners. There were women in Congress like Senator Margaret Chase Smith and many others. Jack Kennedy was in his thirties and early forties during this decade and had a great future ahead of him if he wanted it. Which is why Meet The Press loved having him on.

Jack Kennedy, was sort of an absentee Representative in the House. Somewhat bored and loved being a bachelor and enjoying the Washington nightlife when Congress was in session. It wasn’t until JFK decided to run for the Senate in 1952 that he started taking his job more serious and making his positions known in Congress. There are a lot of things to love about Jack Kennedy and he is my political hero, but he’s definitely someone who grew in office. Wasn’t a great Representative, but a good Senator at least in the sense that he started taking issues seriously and studying them and not just going to his committee hearings, but knowing the right questions to ask. I don’t believe JFK becomes President of the United States on his personal appeal and family name alone in 1960, had he not become a serious Senator and taken his job in Congress seriously and getting on the road and getting his political platform out there.

I’m not sure JFK gets into his politics without his father Joe pushing him. But it’s clear that once JFK got into politics and ran for the House in 1946 and was elected he loved it and became a natural campaigner and politician. He gave a great speech, great interviews, knew how to excite and inspirer people. He wasn’t a natural public servant and someone who actually loved doing the job that he was elected to do. He tenure in the House is a pretty good example of that. I believe he sort of grew in public service once he was elected to the Senate, especially his second term when he started considered running for president in 1957 or so. But was someone even though had a fairly thin resume outside of Congress and somewhat of a thin voting record and list of accomplishments in Congress, was someone who was great at expiring people and laying out a vision for how America could be even greater and how all Americans could succeed in America.

NBC News: John F. Kennedy on Meet The Press



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Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat

John F. Kennedy’s early years as an adult are not very impressive. He was in the U.S. Navy for a few years during World War II and got out in 1945 to and then ran for the House of Representatives in 1946 and got elected there mostly because of his name and his father literally buying votes and ballots. I think the way to look at Jack Kennedy in the 1940s and 1950s is as a student who is still figuring things out and trying to decide what he wants to do in life. But I don’t believe he figures that out until his first term in the Senate in 1953. Jack Kennedy, was a playboy in Congress really the whole time he was there from 1947-61. His six years in the House and eight years in the Senate. He marries Jackie in 1953 and that doesn’t make him any more responsible.

Kennedy doesn’t figure out what he wants to do and where he’s going in life really until he gets reelected to the Senate in 1958. And he writes the book Profiles in Courage where you get to see his political and ideology emerge. As a Cold War Liberal Democrat who sees communism as the biggest threat to freedom and even mankind. As well as someone who wants to use a limited government to empower people in need to get themselves up and live well in life. Kennedy, wasn’t a Conservative that today’s right-wingers want to portray him as, or a Social Democrat that had a government program to solve everyone’s problems for them. That today’s so-called Progressives want to see him as.

By the time Jack Kennedy completed his first term in the Senate and decided that he wanted to be President of the United States is where he got serious as a public servant and political leader. That communism needed to be defeated and that freedom needed to be expanded at home. For Americans who were struggling and living in poverty, but also for Americans who were simply denied access in America because of their race and color. Which is just one reason why JFK being assassinated at the age of 46 in 1963 is so tragic. Because the great liberal Jack Kennedy as a political leader was just emerging. He probably gets reelected fairly easily in 1964 against Senator Barry Goldwater. And I think we would have seen one of the best American leaders of all-time.

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Source: ADS-LNK– Cult leader & serial murderer Charles Manson 

Source: The New Democrat Plus

I don’t think there is a lot new here at least from what we already know about Charlie Manson, at least the people who have followed his life in and out of prison. The one thing that is different, is that he’s in a medical facility, instead of hardcore prison and he’s not in solitary confinement. Tom Snyder was granted excellent access of Manson and Manson’s time at Vacuville. It would’ve been nice to know what Manson was doing there, because it did look fairly healthy, at least physically. Mentally I’m not sure he’s ever been healthy and has ever been a right frame of mind, but that is a different story.

Manson apparently still living on his own planet. Tom Snyder asked him point-blank, “why do people follow you”? And he does this little dance and does all of these vibrations, like he’s a god or something. And Snyder asked Manson about Vince Bugliosi’s book, the man who prosecuted The Manson Family and his book about those trials. And Manson said that Bugliosi got the times and dates right. And that was essentially Bugliosi’s version of what happened back then. But nothing about whether Bugliosi was accurate or not.

Charlie Manson has been in prison for his last crimes for now forty-five years. The man is now eighty-years old and when he went to prison for the last time back in late 1969 or early 1970, he had already spend half of his life in either juvenile hall, jail or prison. That is all he knows. And even today he still doesn’t take any responsibility for his crimes. So why would he of bothered to do that back almost thirty-years ago. The man belongs in hell and if he’s going to be allowed to live he should and is in hell on Earth.

ADS-LNK: The Tomorrow Show- Charles Manson: 1985 Vacaville Interview


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This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on Blogger

Comparing the presidential election of 1980 to the presidential election of 2012 is like comparing today’s culture and lifestyles of that of the 1950s. Or NFL football from the 1970s to the NFL of today, two completely different eras. And even though TV and especially TV news is no longer as dominant medium as it was back in the late 1970s and 1980, it is still crucial today and politicians still need to do well on it to be successful. Especially is they hope to be President of the United States.

TV and videos we can see off the internet either from YouTube or even videos we upload ourselves from our own laptops are the closest thing that we have to see someone in person. You can see what someone looks like and how they are feeling and doing simply by how they present themselves on TV. And even though the internet and even social networks are a huge factor in how we get our news, TV is still critical in how we are presented as people.
Ronald Reagan

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Liberal Democrat

Liberal Democrat

This piece was originally posted at FRS FreeState Plus

The early 1960s was one of the hottest periods of the Cold War (no pun intended) and spending the first ten minutes of Meet The Press talking about China and other communist activities in Asia should be no surprise to anyone familiar with this period. Senator Kennedy who is a political hero of mine and perhaps my number one political hero and a big reason why I am a New Democrat. But he sounded on the defensive on the issue of Asia and China’s influence in Southeast Asia. And seem to want to move past that issue by saying that “Richard Nixon and I agree on this issue”.

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Source: NBC News

Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat

Charles Manson has made a couple of admissions of guilt. I’m not a lawyer but this is what it sounds like when he says perhaps he should’ve killed more people. I’m paraphrasing here, but that is pretty close, and perhaps the closes, he’s come to taking responsibility for the brutal Manson Family murders of 1969 of people the Manson Family didn’t know or had ever heard of. The interviewer asked a basic straightforward question and got a fairly straight answer from Charlie.

I believe a borderline silly question has to be asked of Charlie Manson: Do you feel responsibility or remorse for the murders? It is a silly question because you know what he’s going to say: Remorse for what, what murders, what about everything you’ve done to me and so forth. It has to be asked because he’s the one man who knows exactly how many people he’s responsible for killing and you are looking for new information here and, if nothing else, to get a new reaction out of him.

This is not much of an interview but certainly entertaining. The interviewer is not asking many questions but really just letting Charlie do his shtick, his routine, and letting him go off on the world and what he thinks of things and letting him speak and make up for lost time spending so much of his time not just in State prison but in solitary confinement, during which the world that is still fascinated by the man gets to see how he is doing and what he is thinking.

NBC: The Today Show- Charles Manson Interview


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I’m glad that Tom Snyder would be wiling and even wanting to interview Charlie Manson. And that Charlie would be willing to do an interview like this and probably wanting to do this interview in the first place. Perhaps looking for the limelight and the chance to show Americans what he was about and what he’s been up to and so-fourth. So the country could see what this guy was about and how people can end up like this if they aren’t given a good opportunity to be successful in life.

The Manson Family felt that society is against them and so-fourth, with all that anger building up and once he gets the opportunity to strike back at the people he believes have done him harm and so-fourth and his chance to get those people back which is a lot of what the Manson Crime Family was about. Taking on the establishment and bringing them down. And that there are people like this in society and this not how you want to end up.

No good reason for Charlie ending up the way he did and how his cult ended up. But when kids aren’t raised right like in Charlie’s case and always moved around from home to home with no one seeming able or willing to love them and raise them right, it is really hard to come from an environment like that and not be angry. To not get involved with people with similar backgrounds growing up. And feel now its their turn to strike back or get back at the people they believe did them harm.

As far as this interview. Tom Snyder was about as good as anyone when it came to doing the difficult interview. Which are interviews where the person being interviewed is not there to talk about them self. Even though that is why the interviewer is talking to them in the first place. And Snyder got Manson to talk about things he probably didn’t want to talk about. Like his cult and how he came up and why he’s been in prison for so much of his life. Which makes for an interesting interview because the interviewer keeps coming. And is so tough and gets the person to say things about themselves that they normally wouldn’t.
Charlie Manson

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