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“As the lead in to this video said ABC News, was a small player if not joke in the network news business in the 1970s. Th…”

Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat

As the lead in to this video said ABC News, was a small player if not joke in the network news business in the 1970s. They basically remained that way until the Iran Hostage Crisis in 1979-80 that launched Nightline with Ted Koppel and their nightly newscast World News Tonight started drawing real ratings then, This Week With David Brinkley emerged in 1981, 20/20 became a hit when Barbara Walters and Hugh Downs, became the anchors of it. ABC Sports with their NFL coverage with Monday Night Football and their MLB coverage with Monday Night Baseball and their college football coverage and a handful of entertainment shows that they had especially in daytime, were really the only hits that the ABC network had. Back then America had two great broadcast networks in CBS and NBC, as far as entertainment, sports and news. With ABC giving you same type of programming, but without the hits and affiliates that the big two had in the 1970s. And being a distant third to CBS and NBC when it came to news, but entertainment as well.

I sort of look at ABC in the 1970s the way I look at Fox today, but with ABC putting a lot more emphasis on news. Fox still doesn’t have much if any impact on network news other than their Sunday morning talk show. ABC was trying to be CBS and NBC at least as far as influence and in size, but until Roone Arledge took over ABC Sports in the 1970s and then later ABC News in the 1980s, they were a distant third. Rooney Arledge with Monday Night Football and then Monday Night Baseball and ABC Sports college football, 20/20 World News Tonight, Nightline, This Week With David Brinkley, is responsible for making ABC the powerhouse it is today. With the ability to compete with CBS and NBC, when it comes to entertainment, news and sports. And have the affiliates to be able to do that. Whatever you think of this version of 20/20 and I’ll get to that later, this was the start of ABC becoming a force in network news.

It’s a damn good thing that Barbara Walters and Hugh Downs, became the anchors of 20/20. Even for 1978 the layout of this first show with two no-name anchors and one of them not even being an American and the other making his living as a writer and not a broadcast journalist and the cheesy music (even for 1978) and covering stories like how greyhounds are treated, just showed you that ABC News wasn’t quite ready for prime-time. CBS’s 60 Minutes even though they had already been around for ten years at this point, looked so much better and more professional. It looked like a network news magazine show. And not some weekend morning show that mixes in soft stories with a few real news stories and interviews, to make the show look serious. But they were trying and got much better again when Hugh Downs and Barbara Walters, took over the show in 1979-80. And were together for twenty years and made 20/20 the hit that it still is today.



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Source: Active News: ABC World News Tonight, July 10, 1978: The Soviet Union Making Trouble

The thing that people need to know about Marxist states which is exactly what the Soviet Union of Russia was for over seventy-years before the Soviet Union broke with all the non-ethnic-Russian states breaking away and creating their own independent countries, is that they can consider anything that goes against the state as treason. And anyone that says anything in opposition to the central state, is a treasonous. Which is what the fake trial of Natan Sharansky back in 1978 was which was fake. Here’s a man who was simply calling for human rights in a Marxist state where human rights don’t exist. The only rights that exist in a Marxist state all belong to the central government. Which is supposed to use that power to take care of the people.

In the late 1970s you saw Russia get more aggressive with their foreign policy and make moves in North Africa and Central Asia to protect their interests. Like in Ethiopia to protect a Marxist government there and of course in Afghanistan to install a Marxist government there. While at the same time you saw Russian activists and non-ethnic-Russian activists in Russia like Natan Sharansky speak out in favor of human rights in a country where they simply don’t exist. As well as Russian citizens and non-ethnic-Russian citizens including Russian-Jews fleeing their country in hopes of finding freedom and coming to America so to speak because of that. And part of that had to do with President Jimmy Carter making human rights as part of his foreign policy.

1978 was a big year for tax cuts and a bad year for high taxes. As you saw several states with movements calling for cutting taxes across the board. Even in the so-called Republic of California that has always had high taxes and has been one of the most progressive states in the union when it comes to taxation. And yet they had a movement led by anti-tax advocate Howard Jarvis, who you could call a 1970s Tea Party leader who managed to get on the state ballot there a measure that would cut property taxes across the board. And it passed even though California is one of the biggest Democratic states in the union as far as party registration. With a 2-1 Democrat to Republican party ratio. With Democrats controlling both houses of the State Legislature going back to the 1950s.

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Source: Horror Ny Myths– An evil, murderous duo

Source: FRS Daily Press

The Hillside Stranglers are two of the saddest people who this country has ever produced, because they were basically a couple of losers. Who didn’t know right from wrong or didn’t care and somewhat nuts in the sense, that they would be willing to do just about anything to get their pleasure. One of them was a serial murderer and the other was a Serial Rapist.

The Buono-Bianchi victims would get raped and then murdered or the other way around, so these two losers could get their pleasure. With no sense of a conscience or should they even doing this, what are the consequences that could come from this. Or they simply didn’t understand the concepts of these things, which made them even more dangerous. Because they could pretty much do anything, because they weren’t worried about the results.

Buono and Bianchi wouldn’t care who would get hurt from it, even themselves and what would happen to them because of their actions. The only benefit from their stupidity, was they weren’t very good at being criminals, in the sense that yes they could pull off their crimes, but were horrible at covering them up. So when they would murder and rape a woman, and they would get tied to these crimes fairly early on.

Angelo Bono was a fairly intelligent man who could’ve been fairly successful in life and could’ve lived on his own. And been self-sufficient and he wouldn’t have had to be a criminal to make it in life. But Kenneth Bianchi his cousin, was basically a born loser who barely learned how to read and write and was an outcast since childhood. And is one of these people if someone could’ve gotten to him early on in life and realized that this guy had some serious issues who needed help.

Maybe Kenneth Bianchi’s life turns out differently with an early intervention. And had his cousin Angelo not of hooked up with him, not had brought him into his home in Los Angeles, this murderous team probably never comes together, but of course we’ll never know this and Ken Bianchi represents a typical prison Inmate. A criminal who enters prison as an ignorant man who couldn’t make it in the free world, without the skills to survive as a non-criminal.

What gets me is how long the Hillside Stranglers were able to stay in business, for basically two years, from late 1977 to 1979. Because of who this team was, with one of them essentially being a moron. Which tells me that Angelo Bono being the intelligent member of this team, was probably the leader of it and perhaps the only one that had any control of Ken Bianchi before they were arrested.
Horror Ny Myths: The Hillside Stranglers 2004

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Far Out Man

Far Out Man

Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat

1972 was a great year, well for my family anyway, because it was the year that my brother Alex, (who won’t go nameless) was born. And what a year to be born in and even on this day being in the middle of the Vietnam War, anti-war movement, Watergate, the 1972 presidential election between George McGovern and Richard Nixon, a year of disaster movies like Skyjacked, The Poseidon Adventure. Two great movies, Skyjacked with Charlton Heston and many other great actors and The Poseidon Adventure with Gene Hackman and many other great actors as well. It was a disastrous year for good and bad. But a great year for my family, because it was the year my brother Alex was born.

The 1970s was an interesting time to begin with. The whole decade, there didn’t seem to be one slow year in the whole decade. We were either at war, in recession, or going through one political turmoil after another. So my brother didn’t pick a dull year to be born in and it was a great time to be alive if you really wanted to be living. Because it was a roller coaster, but if you’re someone whose not so high on life, the 1970s was an awful decade for you. And I’m not talking about marijuana at all. With all the changes in culture with all the great movies and music and sports. Awful decade as far as the economy and perhaps people’s quality of life. But a great time to be alive, if you could afford it.
Cletus Hunnicutt: 1972 in Review

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Source: History Channel: Linda Kasabian- Manson Family Documentary 2009

Charles Manson had the perfect group to do his evil deeds, so to speak. Because his group was similar to him in the sense that they didn’t seem to fit in very well in mainstream society. Even Manson’s soldiers all came from solid middle class backgrounds and could’ve all ended going to college before they went to prison for their murders. But instead ended up with Charlie Manson, because they felt for some reason that their families no longer wanted them. Charlie, had just gotten out of prison for the last time, in 1967-68 and ends up in the San Francisco area. And meets up with these very young women and Tex Watson, in their late teens. And sees that they are lost and offers them his love and takes them in. And they embraced him and the Manson Crime Family is formed as a result.

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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite actors a great actor. Whose also one of the most underrated character actors in Hollywood. Williams is probably best known for his role as an undercover detective on the Mod Squad. Which I’m not sure is even a very good show for the early 1970s even. And perhaps not even that believable when you’re talking about ex-cons who get the opportunity to get out of jail if they agree to become undercover police officers, or detectives. But it was a very hip show for its time at least and perhaps that is the only thing that it had going for it. But seeing it on reruns especially the writing it looks pretty cheesy for that time period.

But Williams career is a lot better than just Mod Squad. He was in I’m Going to Get You Sucka, which is a very good African-American action/comedy from 1988. And he had big roles on Miami Vice perhaps the greatest police detective show of all-time. Hill Street Blues from the early 1980s on NBC about New York City police officers. Reindeer Games from 2000 where he was one of the kidnappers in that movie. TNT’s George Wallace from 1997 where he played a loyal servant to a Dixiecrat Alabama governor who used all sorts of racial if not racist rhetoric against African-Americans simply to stay in and expand his power in Alabama.

When I think of Clarence Williams, I think of the ultimate tough guy who always looks like he’s about to go nuts and just beat the hell out of someone, or a lot of people, or kill a lot of people. He generally plays the bad guy with Clint Eastwood’s Magnum Force from 1973 being an exception to that. But a lot of that has to do with the fact that he’s so good at that and is big tall strong guy who looks like he kicks ass very well. Plus he’s such a great character actor that he tends to get a lot of roles in action, or dramatic films and TV that have him playing roles like that. He’s a great character actor and who plays the bad ass as well as it can be played.

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Pope John Paul

Pope John Paul

Pope John Paul is intriguing to me, because he’s someone who gave both the Religious-Right as well as Liberals such as myself, things to admire about him with all of his strong religious-conservative stances on social issues for the Religious-Right. And his call for freedom for Eastern Europeans and others which is what Liberals liked about him and escaping from authoritarianism in those slavic countries like Poland where he was from.

Pope John Paul, was a strong voice against authoritarianism, at least from the Far-Left like with communism. But like others with the Christian-Right had authoritarian views when it came to homosexuality, women’s place in the world and reproductive rights. I don’t want to say I see Pope Paul as a mix bag, because by in large I believe he was a great man. But he did has some at least very traditional religious cultural views when it came to individualism and again women’s place in the world. And not believing women should take leadership roles in the Catholic Church.

But again where I go back and forth with Pope Paul was that he was against communism and authoritarianism in Eastern Europe. Especially in the Slavic countries like his home country Poland and Russia. And what I also like about the man as a Liberal was his calls for peace and charity and helping people in poverty and assisting people in the developing world. Which is where a lot of religious conservative churches tend to be on these issues. And truly believe in the Christian value of looking after most vulnerable and assisting people in need. Which is what Catholic Charities and other Christian groups do.

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